Mel, Joe & Antonio

Don’t take my word for it. Why not read this Hypnobirthing testimonial to convince you that you are at the right place.

‘Thank you wouldn’t be enough to express our gratitude for teaching us all about HypnoBirthing. We’re truly grateful for your expertise in this field, your course was very informative and helpful. Thanks for also sharing your own personal experience, having all your children under hypno was comforting to know during the course.


As first time parents we are often scared of the unknown during labour, however HypnoBirthing gave us the tools to stay calm, focused and excited on the journey.  Having the methods, techniques and understanding were powerful and rewarding. I will definitely recommend your course to any mum wanting a calm & natural birth. Thank you again for your support and making this experience one we will never forget.’

Coree Manning

‘I decided to book into the Hypnobirthing class with my husband after I heard from two separate couples how much it had benefitted them in their birth experience. Surprisingly as well, it was the husbands of both couples that had brought up the topic of Hypnobirthing when I asked how the birth went. They both expressed how it made the whole experience calmer and easier. Both couples were first time parents.


I have been lucky enough to attend a few births so came to the experience with a lot of confidence. However, one of my biggest concerns was how my husband would feel at the time. I have seen husbands at other births look absolutely terrified, lost and helpless. I really didn’t want this to be the experience my husband would have for the birth of our first child. The husband can be such an amazing support and factor in the birth going well if he is given the right skills and information before the big moment. Especially understanding the important role of the birthing hormones in natural birth. The sound of your husband’s calm voice along with him being close to you, massaging and holding you while you are birthing will bring on plenty of endorphins and oxytocin which is what you need in bucket loads while you are giving birth. This can be a major factor in helping you feel safe and relaxed which will help birth progress. “Failure to progress” is one of the most common reasons pharmaceutical oxytocin is used to speed up the birthing process. This often starts a cascade effect of interventions which can result in cesarian section.


So… the role of your husband / partner is VERY important. After hearing from the two other couples I felt confident that doing the Hypnobirthing classes would give my husband the tools he needed to feel confident and understand he had a valuable role in the birth process.


The classes with Liza were excellent and gave my husband and I the exact tools we were looking for. It was also really encouraging to hear Liza’s own positive experience with the natural birth of her three children, and see her genuine passion in helping other women and couples realise the same is possible for themselves.


I found the scripts that came with the course really helpful, and particularly liked using the Rainbow Mist script. I listened to this script during early labour and was completely relaxed. My labour progressed really quickly and my husband and I both found it to be an incredible experience. We gave birth to an 8.6 pound baby girl easily and naturally. Thank you again Liza and I am happy to recommend you and your course to everyone!’