Beautiful music during birth

I often receive messages from mamas that I have taught, asking for guidance in choosing some music for their birthing playlist. Parents often ask for the details of the artist of the background music from of our Hypnobirthing Australia tracks.

Christopher meditates himself, so I know that he is coming from a very authentic place when creating his beautiful music. He also feels very honoured to know that mamas listen to his music during such an important time in their lives and that his compositions are often the first strains of music that a baby hears when they come from the womb.

Because Hypnobirthing Australia and Hypnobubs mamas listen to our hypnobirthing tracks throughout pregnancy and birth, we become conditioned and associate the background music with the messages of deep relaxation given in the scripts.
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Sometimes, during birth, we don’t wish to hear ‘words’ – just music. So I always recommend that you have a playlist of tracks and music combined and then another playlist of music only.

In case you want the actual background music that we use in our Hypnobirthing Australia albums – here are the names of the tracks which can all be purchased from The Guided Meditation Site. Go to the MUSIC DOWNLOADS tab – then MEDITATION MUSIC and scroll down to see all of his long-play meditation tracks.


You can CLICK HERE to go straight to Christopher Lloyd Clark’s website.

Tip: I recommend that pregnant mamas avoid the binaural tracks.

Alternatively, you may already have some of your own meditation style music that you would like to use for your birthing playlist. Whatever tracks you use, just ensure that they make you feel relaxed and positive… that’s the vibe we want to create in our birthing room.

Music moves us emotionally and also physically. It is an important tool in our toolbox, as we prepare for a beautiful, calm and very positive birth.

Melissa x

p.s. Don’t forget that your baby is being conditioned to associate these tracks with relaxation, too. So you can play this music when your hypnobub is born and many mothers tell me that their baby’s just LOVE it!

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